About Me

Where I’ve Been

Originally from Texas, I received my B.S. from MIT in 2010. I moved out to sunny California to receive my M.S. from Stanford University in 2012, and decided I wasn’t done with the harsh winters, I moved back to Cambridge and received my Ph.D from Harvard. My research was in the area of printed-circuit MEMS fabrication and its applications in robotic surgery. More broadly, my research interests include precision engineering and design, mechanism design, robotics, circuit design, sensor design, control theory, state/parameter estimation and machine learning (more colloquially, I like to design and build cool things). Outside of the lab, I enjoy hobby electronics and robotics, running and lifting weights, playing soccer, playing guitar, and traveling.

Where I am

I am currently a postdoctoral fellow at Vanderbilt University, in the Medical Engineering and Discovery lab. My current focus is on the translation of novel medical devices and systems towards clinically-viable products.

Where I’m going

Does anybody really know the answer to this question? My sights have been set on R&D in medical devices or robotics. But that could all change in a couple years. Life is funny that way.