Recurrent Nets/LSTMs

Recurrent Neural Networks The vanilla networks and MLPs that we’ve encountered so far were, in a sense, amnesiac. During the … More


Continuing with the theme of unsupervised learning and generative models, while researching GANs I came across the concept of autoencoding. … More

K-Means Clustering

In a previous post I encountered K-nearest-neighbors, which was a simple, effective, and computationally intensive classification algorithm that categorizes a … More

K-Nearest Neighbors

So, as you can probably tell, this blog is a bit out-of-order. Any machine learning course or book will introduce … More

Multi-Layer Perceptron (MLP)/Deep Neural Networks (DNN)

Last time, we briefly introduced MNIST, and provided some performance metrics of the SLP model on classifying the digits. A subset of MNIST characters and their associated labels While I was pleasantly (and perhaps naively) surprised as to how well the SLP performed, the classification accuracy achieved (around 86%) is considered unthinkable, maybe even borderline… Continue Reading →